Rasmussen Cares

Our Mission

Our mission is to give back to the world. Since we sell travel because the world is beautiful and we want to show it off, we also give back because the world is beautiful and we want to preserve it. Our focus is on the communities where we live, and on the lives we touch when we travel. We focus (but not limiting) our efforts on three main needs: hunger, child education, and carbon emissions.

About Us

As we have continued to grow as a company, we knew that we wanted to share that growth with those who need it most. While we are working to be a non-profit foundation in the legal sense, we currently are not yet. This means that donating to our causes are not tax deductible at the moment. So far, we have set up Facebook campaigns and announced donation match up to a certain amount for our projects we want to support.


Until April 7th, we are running a fundraiser for Home Sweet Home Ministries. The fundraiser can be found here. We will match up to $75.