Canada Day

It is no secret that I have a soft spot in my heart for all things Canadian. This Saturday (July 1) will be Canada Day, or la Fête du Canada, for our friends in the Great White North. It was previously called Dominion Day until 1982. Canada Day celebrates the enactment of the Constitution Act…

Weekend at Hyatt

May 28 is my wedding anniversary, and when we went on our honeymoon last year, we have determined that our anniversary is a trip that only we go on. No tours, just us. This year, we went to Chicago.  Some of the things we went to: Three Dots and a Dash Toro Sushi (no website)…

Random Wanders Entry – To Wake Up In a City That Never Sleeps

What does one do when he enjoyed a weekend in Florida, and wanted to spend a week to fully explore an area? Go to New York, of course! However, a week still was not enough to even scratch the surface of what NYC has to offer. My wife and I met up with my family…

Random Wanders Entry – Clear skies at Clearwater

For the inaugural Custom Rasmussen Travels Tour, the tour group and I went to Clearwater Beach, Florida. There is so much to see and do on the island of Clearwater Beach that leaving the mainland is unnecessary. We drove down, spent two nights there, and then drove back. […] See more at

Road trip! and tips

When travelling as a group within the United States and Canada, it is substantially cheaper to drive to your destination instead of fly. Actually, I rather enjoy the drive. Since you lose a day or two of vacation after spending most of those hours in security check points, waiting at the terminal, etc. You might…

Random Wanders Entry – “Six by nine. Forty two.”

One day, my lovely wife came up to me wanting to try out a bar in Milwaukee called 42 Lounge. We were free that weekend, booked an Airbnb, and drove up almost immediately. […] See more at

Random Wanders Entry – Salt Lake Christmas

During Christmas I took a trip to Salt Lake City, Utah. Utah is one the most beautiful states in the Union. I will even make the bold statement that I find it to be the most beautiful state in the Union. Yes, even more than Colorado. See more at

Random Wanders Entry – Review of the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park

While at Grand Cayman, I was able to visit a place that I was very excited to go to: the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park. I was able to get a ride, as the park is roughly a 20 miles drive in the North Side district from the hotel. See more at

Review of the Kimpton Seafire Hotel

I took a trip to Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands. What initially brought me to Grand Cayman, and the official reason for be being there in the first place, was an invitation by Kimpton Hotels to see their new location there, called the Kimpton Seafire Resort + Spa; just opened in November 2016. As I am…

Random Wanders Entry – Grand Cayman

I am a loyal customer of the Kimpton Hotel brand. They are always very nice, the staff is very attentive and hospitable. They have daily wine hours at least at most of their locations, free Wi-Fi for Kimpton Karma members (free to sign up), credit for the bar, and more. See more at